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Weight of Love/Turn Blue live in Montreal 9/18/14

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ACC Toronto:

I went to the show alone. By choice. I had a blast and met some lovely people. Going to a show alone is something I’d encourage everyone to do at least once. It will make you feel free.

Cage the Elephant are fun and energetic. And talented. And hilarious. Thoroughly excellent guys. Matt Shultz defies gravity. He’s not human.

Watching the crew set up for TBK is fascinating when seen from above. It’s really cool.

That moment when Dan and Pat walk on stage will never not be shivery.

The projection of the vintage stage *curtain* is really cool to see in real life. Particularly cool when it drops to reveal the lighting rig.

To quote mashedpotatoesincellophane:
“leavin’ trunk (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻”

Maybe it’s just me, and because it’s one of my favourite TBK songs, and I never thought I’d ever get to hear it live, but Too Afraid to Love You seemed to be extra-emotional and I might have ugly-cried a little.

A Girl Like You fits them like a glove. Dan Johnson fills out the sound beautifully. What a treat.

The band has taken She’s Long Gone to a whole new level now. It’s like a different song. Yeah, John Wood.

Turn Blue = more ugly crying.

No one grooves like Richard Swift. That would be impossible.

Dan gave us so much love. So much.

DJ set at Cold Tea:

I one-hundred percent recognize how fortunate I was to be there. To get a seat at the bar just a few feet from Dan and Richard… What is my life.

+Two hours of Soul, Funk, Reggae, R&B – the music was incredible and the vibe was so relaxed and chill. It was beautiful; I’ll treasure it forever.

Richard and I smiled at each other as we mutually grooved to Uptown Top Ranking. At least I think we did…

Dan smiles and laughs a lot. And has style for days and days. Fringed leather jacket # ??

Watching Dan and Richard nerd out together was PRECIOUS. They are such buddies. The cuteness *it burns*

The comedown from this is going to be cruel…

This is utter perfection.

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INTERPOL | Same Town, New Story

"she was pounding on the wall
she said it feels like the whole world
is up on my shoulders
feels like the whole world
is coming down on me”

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